Ocean of Abundance (w/Currency)

Material & size: Oil on Canvas, 15 International types of currency, 60” L x 38” H (2012)

Description: As a follow up to the first Ocean of Abundance, I wanted to go back to the water. It had been a challenging two years since I had last visited this scenes.  The Waters were deeper. The waters were colder. I was at a place in my life where trying to get back to the surface to breaths – figuratively and metaphorically.  

I cut up over 15 different currencies, from the Euro to Yuan, to currencies found in Africa and Brazil. I was intrigued from the role that money played in people’s psychologies. Some people think money doesn’t grow on trees. Some think there’s always enough.  Some think money is the root of all evil. Inspired by The Secret, I was also interested in introducing money – currency, in this setting, because it sets up a duality. There is an Ocean of Money – that is – Abundance, or money means nothing and just washes away.