Ocean of Abundance

Material & size: Oil on Canvas, 60” L x 36” H (2010)

Description:  This painting was the first underwater painting I did after my first child was born, which for me as an artist, was a reinvention of my visual musing. I had left the figurative muse found in the underwater series in the past, and all I had left was to “swim for myself”.

This painting was intended to be a “practice painting” to study the water effects and the effects of light. Because there was no intense intellectually challenging concept or taking on the weight of the world to re-imagine technology, as featured in previous “Alternative Energy: Emergence”, I got to relax.

I got to stay in the present moment, focus on the feel of the water. The temperature. The warmth. The freedom. I stayed with the flow when creating this work in a way I never had before, and I would blast music like “Beautiful Day” by U2 and jam out.

As a first-time parent of an infant, one has expectations of the world, inspired to teach them that the world is theirs to conquer, and there is abundance.  As a result, I created this work called “The Ocean of Abundance.”