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A piece of art with a piece of you™

Strip of Life Art™ is a high-touch contemporary painting series, where we marry your experiences and milestones in photos with my passion of brushstrokes, emotion of color and a central theme that is truly unique.

Be Inspired:

  • Weddings: Your special wedding day highlights in a magnificent art
  • Travel: Your far-off destinations photos in unique oil painting
  • Gifts: Like 40th, 50th,60th, 75th Birthdays, etc. 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th Anniversaries,etc
  • New Home/Interior Design: Custom oil painting to match the new décor or existing space
  • Life Story: Express your life story, or even just a moment in time!

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Photograph selection & enhancements: Strip of Life Art™ photos are printed on a glossy aluminum and are adhered with magnetic strips & facets:

  • You can update or interchange your photographs at any time
  • Reduce stress about choosing the ‘final’ photographs
  • Why update your painting centered around home décor, when you can update your new memories?

We also incorporate the photographs into the painting with color breakers and the order. For instance, for weddings, we have the ‘money shot bride’ about 3rd slot to maximize aesthetic impact.

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Not sure where to begin? Let’s schedule an initial consultation. Strip of Life Art TM is a piece of art with a piece of you.

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Oil on Canvas, metallic pho to strip, mixed media, 48”L x 36”H (2016)

Inspired by a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The Future is ours – The Gateway.

48”x 36”, oil on canvas, photography (2015).

Inspired by the super moon, I was interested in the effects of large gravitational bodies, like the moon and the planets, on the day

Oil on Canvas, Photography, mixed media, buddha head, 24”L x 30”H (2015)

Buddha once said, Thoughts become things. So what we think about, we bring about.

Oil on Canvas, Rose petals, Photography, 30”x 24”, (2020).

I used the rose petals from a non-denominational wedding, where I witnessed what real trust could look like in a relationship.

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