Why is Veru an artist?

“I paint to explore the power of hands, the destruction of the ego, and the beauty of the mind, in order to reveal the light of a universal soul.”

– Veru Narula


Veru Narula has been included in exhibitions and curations at prestigious museums & galleries in both the US and internationally including the Smithsonian Museum of Art, Miami Art Basel, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Versace Mansion, the Queens Museum of Art, the India Habitat Center, and more.


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His art has received positive reviews in the New York Times, the LA Times and India Abroad, and is included in several private collections, including the Rubin’s Museum of Art.:

Artist Statement

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The cyclic rhythm of the universe, of nature, of history informs my work and drives my creativity. I derive my sense of home and community from this understanding that, everything that once was and everything that will be, all stems from the same source; it diverges and then converges, and then repeats itself. It’s The Big Bang Theory. It’s scientific; it’s philosophic. It’s a sense of unity and synchronicity amidst chaos that emerges through my lens of humanity and nature and onto the canvas.

The hands form the link between the mind and the eyes. The hands are the storytellers; they are the conduit from the past to the present to the future.

I create and paint in order to express myself — to express my love, my relationships, my values, my views, and my identity. The works are the result of an interest in visual and gestural narrative with the hands being a particularly poignant signifier. The hands form the link between the mind and the eyes. The hands are the storytellers; they are the conduit from the past to the present to the future. As a corporeal symbol of my relationship to my parents and my child, my hands carry on a lineage of artistic expression. My father and mother are both painters in their own right, and I channel their influences into my work, informing my daughter of her heritage. I try to produce works that express a desire for freedom of expression, existence, and faith. I view individualistic freedom as the preservation of community through mutual understanding and respect. These philosophies are expressed through my work, and hopefully will inform and encourage viewers and future generations to feel my hope to collectively create a safely united home for the universal soul. 

To that effect, my art is personal, with a balance of global and universal sensibilities. It binds together global concerns with those more insular, local and familiar. It is an incubating ground for love and oneness, while exploring disparities. It’s with this in mind that I am interested in combining shared narratives with global events, with personal experiences, and with varied world traditions to create a unified language that speaks to all global citizens in a comprehensible vernacular, that includes everyone in conversation with equal respect and understanding. This involves exploring and broaching complex topics, asking challenging questions, and developing a forum to initiate thought and dialogues that are inclusive and free from social and societal confines. This extends to my technique. This means respecting and preserving the traditions of oil painting, while incorporating mixed and digital media in various formats; it means integrating the figurative and the abstract; it means creating a space where the old, the new, and the developing each has a space to interact equally and contribute freely. 

Articles About Veru Narula

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