Solar Lovers

Material & size: Oil on Canvas, Oil on Canvas, 60” L x 36” H (2008)


This painting imagines an entire ocean floor with solar panel installations and using the coastal surface areas for solar panels. The painting is a thought starter, and not to be taken so literally. There would be ecological implications and in no way am I intending there to be a disruption to ecology.  But in some ways, if 70% of the earth is covered in water, perhaps there some way to leverage the surface area of the ocean.

In that respect, the painting is about interpreting energy in a way we are all familiar with: Love.  Love is the highest energy. Love of the earth. Love of one’s self. And so many other ways, including the most popular representation, a 1:1 relationship as seen in the couple. 

This painting was inspired by this quote by David Viscott: “To Love And Be Loved Is To Feel The Sun From Both Sides.”