Global Consciousness Awakens


Kathak Dancers

48”x 36”, oil on canvas (2005).

At first, this painting may look alarming. It is a story of endurance. I thought of theses dancers doing Kathak…

The Islamic Chess Revolt

48”x 36”, oil on canvas (2005).

I painted this work with great respect to Muslims around the world. This painting is about the…

The Injection of Orphans

48”x 36” x 5”, oil on canvas, syringes (2009).

This painting was the first underwater painting I did after my first child was born, which for me as an artist…

Laptop Boy Searching

40” x 30” Oil on Canvas (2006).

Through the veil of a LCD display, people loosen up, feel more uninhibited, express themselves openly…

Prostrate in Prayer

Oil on canvas, 24 x 18 in, computer mouse on wood, 12 x 8 in (2011)

the call of prayer, the man is prostrate on the ground. The contour of his garment as he touches…

Impermeable Linga

Oil on Canvas, 36” L x 24” H (2005).

The intention of this work was to raise awareness of safe sex practices, contraception…

Pepsi Ganesh

Oil on Canvas, 48” L x 36” H (2009)

The re-branding of the Pepsi Logo for the new decade symbolizes the rebirth of material…